Endangered Species

Endangered species

"BANG BANG" their goes the last of the jaguar population forever lost. not only the jaguar population is endanger;theres more big cats,primates, and mirine animals are endangered soon to be extinct to the up coming generation.For an animal to be considered endanger they would have to have a dying population that iscaused by us humans and are greed.

Endangered species
wild life service

    Some reasons why the animals might be dying off because of humans:
  1. human predation
  2. pollution
  3. loss of habitat
  4. loss of genetic varition
  5. climate change
  6. disease
  7. better-adapted compeition
  8. invasive species
  9. lack of food

1.Human predation

Rhino    elephants

This is an example of how we humans are being greed and selfish.this poor rhino got kill for its ivory horn to make piano and organ keys, billiard balls, handles, and minor objects of decorative value.And just like rhinos, elephantsget killed for their tusk because they say that The tusks have a good amount of calcium phosphate, it reads. It can be used as an anti-convulsant and to help heal sore throats. Like most Chinese medicine, it's usually paired with other ingredients as a treatment. If we keep killing them off our future children wont every get to meet two more amazing aniamls that are endanged but live now.


sea    seal

pollution as you see